Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sweet things

i have the actual logo from a fortune cookie wrapper, but i forgot my sketch book at i grabbed an image from the internet. Tis the Panda express logo. Since they claim to be a gourmet Chinese food establishment(lies!), it makes sense tht they would use an animal native to China. I tried researching the designer, but i cudnt find one. Panda express has been around for a lil while nw nd im pretty sure their logo has remained the same. The only information i cud find about the logo is tht its a vector image created by converting the Encapsulated PostScript(EPS)...cudnt tell u wot tht means.. A lot of my friends think its bad food, but i think its great food. Its bad Chinese food..but good food, nd if im honest, the first time i heard the name i thot it was a mailing


  1. I always liked that logo of theirs with it's blobish shapes forming into a panda. To bad couldn't find who made it.
    anywho, about their food....I love their egg rolls second best I've ever had so far.

  2. Ode to Panda Hut:

    Your logo is ever so cute
    it enticed me, enter and eat.
    But now digested I regret it
    atop this porcelain seat.