Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've taken a totally different approach to this week's post. Today I'm profiling illustrator and good friend, Danger Russ. Taylor "Danger" Russ works with photoshop and illustrator and is also a junior here at Columbia. His work often showcases his brilliant use of patterns and color combinations. Many of his designs feature on tee shirts, which showcase not only his great design sense, but also his of humor. So far, Danger Russ has had 3 tee shirt designs printed by such contest oriented sites as Chicago's own Threadless and Design By Humans. Unfortunately, the photo above was the best one I could find of his winning design titled The Flood. In addition to Threadless and Design By Humans, his work has featured in a tee shirt book called Torso, branding for a candy company called Sweetriot, and the Columbia Student Store. However, despite all of his early design success, he recently switched his major to film, though he still designs a bit on the side. Check out more of his designs here and here.

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