Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kerry Lemon

Looking around the net I stumbled upon the work by a freelance artist/illustrator named Kerry Lemon who is located in Surrey UK. I found a interview that was done with the artist, that was enjoyable to learn a bit more about her, (Wouldn't let me link it)
October 2008 was when she set up her business in the art community in the field she loves. Drawing has always been her passion ever since she was a child, drawing during whatever free time she had. She has a real interest in lines and patterns, and looking closely into details. She’s not a fulltime artist however, working at a Art Development for a local council to meet and network with other artists. What drew me to this artist was her contemporary art print “RHINO” it is a print of an drawing that was originally hand drawn then digitally colored. Rhinos have been a creature that she has liked over the years and likes to fall back into drawing time to time ever since studying illustration at Cambridge school of arts. Using
Fine line black pens, it interests me to how she designed it with it’s many repeated circles and ovals, as well as the one solid color that makes it pop when she finished the piece. A method she uses in a lot of her work. I think another thing I like about it was that it was designed to be a bit messy, in a sketchy manner and she didn’t remove any of the outside lines. Whenever I sketch, I always want to remove anything outside after outlining over the sketch, but I guess sometimes it just looks nice for some reason. This drawing isn't my favorite of her work, but it was the one that lead me to her, reason why I'm showing it. Her work is just a enjoyment with the simple colors and high details she puts into her work, and it just amazes me to how much she enjoys putting in that effort, a dedication I wish to actually get into someday as a artist.
(Below is alittle video I found with her in it, painting on a glass window for the Electrum Gallery.)


  1. first off thanks for posting. my aunt lives in Surrey and I plan to visit soon so count on me stalking kerry down. i love her intricate line and pattern work. something that i tend to lean towards in most of my work. i agree with your comment on leaving things messy on the outside of your work like in "rhino". i tend to clean things up as well and when i'm done cleaning i usually wish i had just let it be. nice video too! check it out if you haven't yet.

  2. I think that is a cool video (even though I couldn't hear the audio because I am in the lab). I love that idea of just window painting with white instead of a window display. It looks classy and beautiful.

  3. I love the rhino; with all of the intricate details it really draws you in. Her window painting is beautiful too and it carries the same sort of precision that her pen drawings have. Reminds me of something I might see at Anthropologie.