Wednesday, October 20, 2010

52 anual grammy awards

Shepard Fairey, as most people know is one of the most well recognized street artist of our time. The general public who may very loosely follow know him for his work on the the Obama "hope" poster, run-ins with the law and the obey the giant campaign. but what followers who may not be familiar should know that he is an accomplished D.J, husband, and father of two.
His work follows a strike color pallet using mostly red, black and gold.
He was selected and commission to make the cover art for the 2010 nominations. where you can really see his design style coming though the art work. the iconic color scheme, line patterns and repetion are all apart of his signature look. even the circle, square and rectangle shapes that define certain areas of the piece have intricate patterns and repetition that even more reenforces his style. i do not however like the two black arrows at the near bottom that are pointing towards the center. It feels like some other design element could have gone there because as it stands now it gets boring for me when i look at that part. maybe he could have tried a skyline or repetition of grammy awards across that part to keep it interesting. but may he decided to use the arrows to indicate direction or contrast as aposed to having little patterns there.


  1. excuse my grammatical errors, i foolishly did not proof read

  2. Love Shepard Fairey. Since I was a kid Ive always been interested in playing with symmetry and with that, pattern. These are two areas Fairey succeeds very well in. I find using symmetry can be frowned upon and difficult as well. It can leave your work feeling bland and boring. The viewer enters the piece and everything works to well, there is nothing to explore. In saying that it is difficult, it does work at times. Fairey is one artist I follow who utilizes both aspects to perfection. I love his work because it almost feels mathematical and calculated. To me it is concrete and finite. Detailed and complex. I could spend days inside some of his pattern backgrounds. He gives hope to us artists who are looking for a broad range of work. I appreciate seeing such great success in so many different areas of design be it fashion music politics entertainment and anything else you could think of. Thanks Shep. and myles.