Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Like Hello Kitty from last week, this fat orange cat has place in my heart..a huge one. I remember looking at the comics even though I couldn't even comprehend words at the time and loving the pictures. Throughout my childhood I collected many of the books, video tapes and advently watched the first Garfield animated series, (The current 3-d one is alright, but nothing is Garfield without Lorenzo Music as his voice) and even the flops of movies starring Bill Murray. I love Garfield and because of it I started drawing in the first place. Thus began a life of being the awkward art kid throughout grade school to junior high.

What I love about Jim Davis' style is its simplicity but expressiveness. A lot of the visual gags he does are really appealing to me, (and cracked me up as a kid). The faces Garfield makes when he has a strong cup of coffee, to the outbursts by the dorky Jon Arbuckle, and the crazy visual gags with the spiders and mice that invade their home, are amazing. I like that the stories never have anything to do with crappy stuff going on in the world, it's a nice break from a lot of social commentary works and keeps the child in me satisfied.

Awhile back an artist called mr. square thought it would be a great idea to take Garfield out of the strips altogether in a book called "Garfield minus Garfield" It's just Jon reacting by himself which makes him look lonely, pathetic and quite schizophrenic. It's pretty funny and gives a darker tone to the comics. There are also many other edits to the strips people have done including replacing Garfield with a rock.

Here are some links: Garfield, Garfield Minus Garfield,

I think if anyone does respond to this post, I'd like to know who was the first artist that got you into drawing in the first place?


  1. I hate Garfield so much. Its like watching a 3 year old attempt dry wit. It just comes off as irritating.

    However Garfield minus garfield is one of my favorite web comics because it illustrates just how alone he really is.

  2. i never watched the show but i always thought who came up with the idea to draw garfield was cool. i like garfield as an illustration because u cant really tell how old he is. he is ageless.

  3. Garfield is one of my favorite comic strips as a kid and even now. I think I've checked out the garfield treasuries from my library a record number of times.

    And somehow, garfield minus garfield makes it even better.

  4. I can remember really being into the Garfield strips as a kid. It was really goofy and (as Jon alluded to) had a child's sense of wit (which looking back doesn't feel very witty). Nonetheless, I suppose Garfield was just one step in my growth of appreciation of the comic medium.