Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Check OASIS for next assignment

We have 1 blog entry left for the Scrapbook project. This blog entry is due today Wednesday, Oct. 20th (make sure to discuss CONTEXT this time, which also includes the INTENT of the illustration!).

UPDATE: This will be our LAST blog entry for the Scrapbook project.

The Scrapbook will be due on Nov. 3. We will attend the Tony Matelli A+D lecture that day, and then meet in our regular classroom afterward,hand in the Scrapbook,

IMPORTANT: We will then have a QUIZ (worth 6 points). The quiz will cover the blog, all lectures, and discussions. This will be on Nov. 3 after the Tony Matelli lecture.

No blog essay is due on the 27th, but keep working on your scrapbook and add 5 more pages (minimum)!

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