Wednesday, October 6, 2010

editorial illustration.

So this week I ended up finding some pretty funny drawings as I was flipping through a men's health magazine. I was just looking around through a bunch of magazines and stuff laying around my appt that I could possibly score some illustrations from and I came across this pretty hilarious picture. The artist is named, John Cuneo, and it seems he has a close knit collaborative effort going on with writer, Stacey Grenrock Woods, which is a journalist for many magazines. After doing some research on the illustrator I found out Cuneo does a lot of picture making just for Stacey Woods, which I found pretty interesting since i never thought that a collaboration between a writer and an illustrator would come hand in hand so often. He draws scenes for almost all her stories in various magazines, i feel that having that strong of a connection and communication skill with someone such as a writer could really work out in your favor being an illustrator or a visual artist or whatever media. Both Stacey's writing and Cuneo's illustration focus on the comedic aspect of cartooning and storytelling, dealing with topics in pop culture and everyday scenarios. In this drawing in Particular, Stacey writes a movie review about "Up in the Air" and the act of "burrito-ing" your girlfriend whatever that may be.ALl in all i find the drawing very interesting, it doesn't rely on hard , definite lines you see in much cartooning. Instead, Cuneo uses a very loose and fluid way of creating his characters that seem to make them more lively in my opinion. The soft ascents of watercolors give the perfect punch of color to make a visually stimulating picture but not going over the top in making it seem like he meticulously rendered every square inch of the drawing. It looks like it took little to no effort to make since it is so loose, but i'm sure that is nowhere near the case. Anyways take a look for yourself, enjoy!


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