Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brandon Boyd

This week I am presenting you with some illustrations from Incubus front man Brandon Boyd. They can be found in his book titled, "White Fluffy Clouds". The book is Vol. 1 of 2. I suggest flipping through it if the chance ever arises. Or if you feel like buying the damn thing it's packaged beautifully in two separate cardboard cases with text and drawing printed on the exterior. NOICE I know!
It takes on the feeling of a journal. Not a journal of strictly writings but a journal of thoughts expressed through art as well. Most of his artwork is very whimsical or tribal and often includes a female figure. His washes are crisp and his color palette vibrant. His art to me tells a story, one of constant questioning and exploration. I could easily see his work in a children's book or graphic novel.

The piece above is one of my favorites from White Fluffy Clouds. It can be found on pages 11 and 12 with a close up on pages 9 and 10. It also happens to be on the book cover and back. Its a side profile of a woman with elf like qualities. Her large ear, eye and lips with her dainty pointed nose are what lead me in that direction. Moving back from her face to her dreaded hair intertwined with flowers. There are swirls and patterns leading the eye in and out of the mess of hair and back to her face popping out away from the subtle pattern in the background. There is a very natural feel to a lot of Boyd's work. The warm oranges and reds mix with a slate blue for contrast. Most everything has a thick contour surrounding its color or lack of it.
All of his work is unique and definitely from somewhere "upstairs". I love to see the visual side to such a vocal person. It's just one step closer into their thoughts. If you want to know more check out his book site here.


  1. I had no idea that Brandon Boyd was a visual artist! But I guess it makes a lot of sense to me now that he is since most of his lyrics are so visually intriguing.

  2. cool artwork. i like detailed intricate work where all the elements are still readable nd nothing is lost. just a cool picutre, i keep goin bak to it.

  3. I like this. It's psychedelic somewhat art nouveau inspired. The intricate patterns and color just flow really great.

  4. I have both of his books. His writings too are just as interesting as his drawings.