Wednesday, October 13, 2010

red dead bear

So, this weeks batch of jealous and envy comes in the form of an artist whos name I do not know...but who goes by the name Dead Bear. Dead Bear? thats a strange name, ah ah! In fact it is not because he is the creator of a story/concept/website called RedDeadBear. RDB is a...concept (im not sure if it was an animation or a comic or what) that never fully came to; I’m not sure if he grew tired of it and moved on or died, but i followed this greatly 2 or 3 years ago and the only reason I don’t now is because it never updates, yet still exist.

from what I gather RDB is about some strange vibrant faux utopia where there is some kind of anthropomorphic animals who dictate and rule some land? There is a strange bearded man with a floating kings crown and a large hammer who has what looks like alien myan tattoos on his body who i think may be satan. The hero is a little pink haired girl with MASSIVE gauntlets on her hands who escorted by a strange little cyborg bear named Dead bear.

I wish I could fit it all in the blog post but i will link the site, its a flash site with animation and little conversations you can have with the characters. The site also features concept art and skectches.

I like most about his work (besides the fact that hes my age and better than me ;( ! ) is that he as you can see is extremely technically skilled in anatomy as well as painting techniques. Only after building a sold foundation did he have the total freedom to express his world in a more (seemingly) simple form, which is exactly why it looks SO awesome.


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  1. The flash animations are cool, but that website and it's reliance on flash are an exercise in how to never get an illustration job. An art director would sit down, get lost in the navigation and move on. There's a lot of influences going on in the artwork. Jhonen vasquez, Hayao Miazaki, Takashi Murakami, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and perhaps even the korean illustrators who worked on Magna Carta: the Phantom Avalanche.

    After digging on the website I found the artist's name. Alex Stodolnik. He works in the video game industry. Furthering my point about bad web design, it took me 20 minutes to find that on his website.

    I think he is a good illustrator. his compositions and designs are well thought out and interesting. His saturated color palette really makes things pop. My critique on his Red Dead Bear project would be to separate himself a little more from his influences, they are too apparent.