Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marko Matysik

I found out about Marko Matysik about two years ago when I was a fashion major and taking Fashion Illustration. He's illustrated for Claude Montana and Valentino. He's also done a few things for Vogue. He recently just started his own line called Marko. I really like his style because I feel that he can accomplish so much with very little color. When he does use color it tends to be different values of essentially the same color.


  1. These are reminiscent of J.C. Leyendecker to me. The have a certain angular quality to them, and create strong visual silhouettes. It looks like he utilizes a variety of different media to achieve different textural looks to indicate different fabrics. Process shots might be interesting to include or even what the clothing line looks like compared to the initial drawings.

  2. I really do enjoy nice fashion illustrations and especially ones that show high fashion with the simplicity of the form as well. These pictures are very nice and I enjoy them. Do you know if the pictures you posted were used for someone? Like if they were drawn specifically for a designer to use. The elongation of the top picture is quite nice too, her leg and hip draw all the attention and the angle is very nice.