Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton is a illustrator out of Dayton, Ohio. He has done a lot of skateboard deck graphics for companies such as Alien Workshop and element. He has also collaborated with Mountain Dew with the "Green Label" artist series. He creates very abstract free flowing patterns and forms characters in them. You have to look at his works for a long time to really see everything that is going on. You can see a lot of influence from cubism in his work. It has a warped sense of depth where you can see a multitude of viewpoints. It's definitely interesting to see cubism influencing illustration.

1 comment:

  1. Makes me wonder the thought process in making this if there is one, or if he just throws things together till it looks the way he wants. I like the creatures that he makes within the style, I looked him up, the little monsters he makes are very enjoyable to look at. And I think maybe in most of his work there’s a consistent use of fish designed in. Thanks for showing some of his work, really like the lack of color and boldness of the lines.