Wednesday, October 20, 2010

non toxic oil pastels

I found this lying in my room faaaar inside a cupboard. I don't know how i even still have this! This was given to me probably 19 or so years ago, before i even moved to America. Its a case for oil pastels. Its obviously an asian brand. My first impression was Japanese but....i dunno, im not too good with my asian languages but, the writing looks Korean to me. Which i only just noticed..haha. Anyway it obviously looks like it was created for childern,( specifically girls?) just by the content, colors, and drawing style, and possibly is based of a cartoon or comic at the time. Im willing to steak its work from the early 90's. I think it's a fun little crayon box and i think the design works, it looks pretty girly to me but i enjoyed it as a kid. I even used to try drawing the cover using the crayons included. Now that I have found this, im really interested to find out the whole story behind it, unfortunately the only english writing on the whole case is non toxic oil pastels. Oh and THE MORE CO.LTD but i tried looking it up and couldn't find anything. Must not exist anymore. Anyone read Korean?

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  1. I wish I could read Korean! That girl is definitely the typical 80's/90's shoujo manhwa heroine. It reminds me a bit of the sad 'learn to draw manga' type books and products that are likely just an American mockery of the originals (aka this one). I'm a bit glad to know you used to try drawing the cover too.. I feel a bit less strange now for freehanding Tinkerbells..