Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bacon Surprise

The artist of the week is Dave Stolte, a Studio Art graduate of California State University Long Beach and 25-year corporate designer turned illustrator. His work usually starts with Post-It doodles, paper textures, photography, and found ephemera. All of the mixed media is then digitally composed under his original pencil sketches. A handmade quality is intentionally left in the work, giving it whimsical, inviting qualities. This can be anything from torn edges to smudges and mistakes.

This friendly appearance is what drew me to his work. He takes a household character or inanimate object, gives it a sense of humor, and presents it in a cut-out scrapbook manner. It’s a lot like Lauren’s post in the sense that a childlike doodle becomes so much more in the hands of an informed mind. It’s definitely something to strive towards—starting out with less and transforming it into something that still appears to be less at first glance but is actually quite complex.

The top image, Bacon Surprise, was part of the Society of Illustrators ‘Illustrators 51’ annual book and show. The concept is humorous to the point of being lolzy, and there is certainly a childlike quality to the personifications. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this was, “…but it’s bacon AND eggs. There shouldn’t be a problem with this relationship, though I certainly never thought of it in human terms before. 0.o” I could probably also write a love letter concerning the palette and textures involved, but that dead horse doesn’t need rehashing. (Also, Tabasco sauce on the nightstand? …. I won’t even ask.)

And yes, the remaining images were simply for your viewing pleasure. (Because anyone who doesn’t smile at Chewbacca hula hooping….. doesn’t have a soul.)

For more visual nostalgia, direct your eyes towards Dave's site or twitter that up...


  1. I love the textures! Childlike is right, with that little bit of refinement that good education brings. The simplicity is wonderful and gives these pieces great life.

  2. These are so great! All of these make me want to say, "awwww!" and I think your phrase, "visual nostalgia" describes them quite well. Even though they are simple, each tells quite a story.

  3. I agree with the previous comment about the visual nostalgia.I l really like the simplicity and sketchiness intentionally left in his work. This work really speaks to the child in me. :)

  4. I'll add to the agreement and say that it reminds me sort of like a "stinky cheese man" drawing but simpler and a lot more happier. Still the bacon walking in on the two eggs has that hidden "sexual" meaning behind it. I wonder if a kid were to look at it and try to figure out the situation of the picture, what would they think?

  5. Yeah I dig this style. I love the childlike illustration with the absurd and somewhat adult subject matter. I don't necessarily think a child would get the themes in a couple of these but I think they would still enjoy the image nonetheless. I'd like to learn more about this illustrator.

  6. WOW. I never thought that Dave Stolte himself would comment on this.. *squee* ..just proves that making the blog public was a good idea. If you have an artist you love, shout about it. You never know if it'll get back to them and encourage them to make more amazing work. In a couple years, it might be curious college kids posting about us. :3