Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hitachino Nest Beer

I just started working at a restaurant/bar called "The Hop Haus" off of the brown line, Chicago stop. I've worked in restaurants before and always stole the coasters so it wasn't anything new for me. The other day I was cleaning and found some coasters and started looking for some interesting ones. Obviously the coasters look like the beer label but there was one that I found that was quite small. It's a Japanese beer called "Hitachino Nest Beer". It's been brewed since 1996 and has won tons of awards for the different types of ale and are known for their white ale.

Now working at a bar with all of these types of beer (there's about 30 or so different types of beer that we have) I have to memorize all of them. I found this illustration and thought it was interesting. I tried looking up the illustrator but couldn't find anyone but found a bunch of interesting bottles and designs.

The owl itself has a kind of "South Park" look where it looks chopped and placed, like construction paper. The owl is on every label and seen as a bright red and white on a black background. The words "Hitachino Nest Beer" is typed around the owl and behind a green background. Besides the owl, the labels are all very bright and decorative towards what type of beer they are. Every bottle has the owl on the label in the front as well as the cap. I'm even sure that the glass has an owl on it too or the name on it. In a way, the owl has huge "pupils" (if it did have pupils), and I believe that I get big pupils when I drink which is where the owl's eyes may come from. There's even special labels for holidays, like a special valentines day bottle.

I know there's girls out there who don't drink beer, but from the way that it's described as I bet it'd be a good one for girls to try.


  1. I haven't been a big fan of most of the Japanese beers I've tried, but I would try this one simply because of the wonderful owl illustration.

  2. These are so cute! I'm always a sucker for trying alcohol based on the's interesting how the owl stays the same on each bottle while the rest of the layout changes.

  3. I am also a sucker for having a drink based on it's label, so that is one reason I'd drink it. But the fact that it's won awards too means business. There's even a valentines day bottle with white and pink hearts and, of course, the owl.