Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago Artist: POSE.

So sticking with my last blog post this week’s is also on another local street artist, Pose. Pose is a world famous Chicago street artist. He started out just doing spray can graffiti. Later he gained a spray can sponsorship, which shot him and his work into the spot light. Now he does work for various companies like Lifted Research Group (LRG) and The Seventh Letter. I really envy his style of line work and the extremely good details that are in his work. The way I found out about his work is through his can sponsor Ironlak. At first when you see his graffiti work you wont believe it’s done by a spray can but done in Photoshop. His studio work is very similar to his street work. The thing I found really interesting is when he goes into the studio he struggles at first because he feels removed from the process… I too feel this. He enjoys the process more then the finished product. Pose’s illustrations are really cool he gets inspiration from old fashion 1920’s gang cards. With bold line work and his famous detail work Pose make amazing black and white illustrations. Then later he will take the black and white pieces and decide to add color or not. Here are some videos of him in a interview and then him spraying to show you his process.


  1. great post!!! i would like to just comment on the topic of process vs product. i dont know about anyone else but i feel the process is always more rewarding and enjoyable than the product... i think being in that mode and having the creativity is a better feeling than looking at the piece later and "remembering how that felt". that being said none of my work has really gone public so to say so maybe if that happens ill change my mind.

  2. These are really great! I really like the composition, detail and movement in his work. It is also interesting to see his work inside-in the research group.

  3. I like this kind of street art. It always makes me wonder about that question that people ask about street taggers and if they jumped into the field of art/design etc., would they become successful? And if they would become successful, do you think that they understand that there are oppurtunities out there for them to succeed.

  4. wow thanks for the comments.

    appleby: I'm glad I am not alone about liking the process over product... also none of my work has gone public too.

    Matt: I totally believe they would be successful in the studio setting. I pretty sure most they know there is bigger opportunities, though most street writers do it for the thrill of it. Kind of like Shepard Fairey started as just a street artist... became a huge success in the studio but he stills sneaks around at night doing street work.