Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In 2009 Ray-Ban searched out artist from around the world to make illustrations for there 2010 to 2011 campaign. artist were allowed to make pieces in there style of work. and did not have a lot of limitations outside of the fact they had to use keep the silhouetted shape of the glasses and to have the world phrase "never hide" at the top in a specified font. it is interesting to see when i went to some of the artist websites how their commissioned work in other projects looked very similar to the ray-ban pieces.

The top piece was done by a graphic artist matt w moore who completed the piece with spray paint. he uses geometric shapes in many of his pieces to create color spectrums. the bottom pieces was done by eric van den boom, he is an european artist who does just about any type of design dealing with image and type. i like the texture of the girls skin and the over plumpness of her lips. all the posters as a whole seem to have a cohesiveness about them that tie them together. these posters are all over chicago bus stops and subways. on ray-ban website they state that they will most likely not be sold to the public and are strictly for promotional purposes. however i hope they change their mind.


  1. I really love both of these pieces. I want to see more ad campaigns that let the artist run wild with their aesthetic. I work as a graphic designer at a newspaper and sometimes I am asked to design ads. Our Ad Reps very rarely let us work based only off our aesthetic to create something beautiful. I think if more art directors and ad reps let their artists run free advertising could take on a whole new face.

  2. I really enjoy the bottom advertising and the colors. It reminds me someone daydreaming and I also get that feeling. I like how it draws my attention to all of the little detailed pieces that went into it. Did they use both designs? Guess I need to ride the buses more often.

  3. hey hannah,
    they did use both designs and also the designs of four other artist. i just picked these two bc i liked them most. you should see the other ones. they are also found at sunglass hut and macys in the eye glass sections as well on the ray-ban website.