Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 7: Neck Face

I read about this artist not too long ago in Juxtapose magazine and instantly fell in love with his style. All of the people in his drawings are gross looking and a little grotesque, which really influences me. As for color as you can see in the example above it is very simple, there are one or two base colors for the body and then varying weights for the lines. Though he does have some other pieces were there is a tie dye-ish effect on the skin. I love these because sometimes it adds the look like the skin is bruised or decaying. The text he puts into his pieces also really adds to the creep factor, it just fits so well with the over all image. Really in the end I just love an artist that can really make a great piece that has a little gore and skin peeling off. Here is some more information of him:


  1. I don't like the style, but this works well as a pamphlet for a gallery giving a good idea of the work being exhibited, the style and the content.

  2. I agree that his lettering adds to the creepiness. This makes me wonder what else is in the exhibition.