Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gisele Lagace

Penny and Aggie is a (recently concluded) teen drama/comedy webcomic. Gisele started out with a style somewhat reminiscent of Archie comics', which I guess matched the light-hearted, gag-based writing of the earlier arcs. But when Gisele and writer T Campbell abandoned hope of getting their comic syndicated, the story took on a lot more depth, and the characters became well-observed depictions of teen nature. Gisele adjusted her style to the story, and this panel here shows a lot of what I love about Gisele in her stride. The figures are solid and realistically proportioned, which for indie comic art is not as common a choice as you'd think. The language Gisele uses to depict facial details is clean, stylish, and believable. Her lines are crisp, dynamic, and expressive. The eyes are enlarged but still look plausibly integrated with the face. And on that last panel, Gisele pushes Penny's expression beyond the limit of plausibility, yet it totally fits in with the rest of the scene.

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