Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 4 - Michael Gillette

I'm a HUGE fan of Michael Gillette. I think all his work is amazing! Especially this piece. This was done for a fashion magazine named Centrefold that's out in the U.K. It was the front and back cover to the magazine. I love the colors that he decided to use, I notice that I use similar colors in my own work. The colors REALLY stand out to me and I love how they blend and mix together to make this tie dye effect. I definitely like to do the same thing in my work so I think it's pretty cool whenever I see someone else doing the same. Overall the piece looks so old school to me, it has this 70's feel to it. The girls remind me of hippies because they look so carefree with their long wavy hair holding their instruments. It seems bright and colorful and that's why I love it!

His website is also pretty interesting too. Check it out:


  1. Now imagine if you saw this when your high. I'm joking. Though it really has a mysterious feel to it from the blending of monochromatic colors. I love the grace the women have holding the instruments.

  2. This totally looks '70s to me. The poses are unique and interesting, though the woman holding that huge drum makes it look to easy to hold something that should have some weight to it.