Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 6 - David Fernandez

Diego Fernandez is a freelance illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. All of his work that he has up online consists of female portraits, similar to this one. He uses some different techniques and materials to create these, but they all have the same general style. I picked this one to show because it reminded me of the centaur scene with the little cherubs from Fantasia. I also especially liked the textures he used in this piece. From what I’ve gathered from his website, his work is mostly created for personal use. I don’t think there aren’t any examples up of his freelance work. I would be interested to see what else he’s able to do with different subject matters, since he is clearly adept in many mediums. His website is:


  1. I like the overall feeling this piece gives. Like this sense of calmness and innocence.

  2. I like the technique in this.. really light lines with light color. very nice.