Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 5 - Martin Kalanda

This image is from Martin Kalanda’s series, “Animals.” Each piece shows one or multiple animals, usually seen from a unique perspective. In the background of each piece he includes a wartime air or watercraft. I chose this particular drawing because I thought it displayed the most interesting use of perspective and composition. He seems to be very aware of the space he’s working with. There is a nice balance between form and white space, and the negative shapes it creates are just as interesting as the elephants themselves. Each piece is done with pencil on illustration board. The texture of the elephant trunks contrasts with the smooth nothingness of the background. Also, if you look closely, I think the small elephant on the right is giving birth. You can see more of his work at his website,, where he has several other series of illustration work, along with paintings and digital work.


  1. I could just comment on how awesome his technical skills are, but I more intrigued at the compositions. The angles pull you into the picture. (late comment)

  2. I love the space he's creating within this huge 'void.' The detail is just incredible. I've already looked through the website a few times haha.