Friday, October 21, 2011


The artist I chose for this week was Skinner. He has many different pieces with horrifying creatures complimented by beautiful color. I like Skinners work for his attention to detail and the florescent colors he uses. Much of his work seems alien in nature. In an interview of his he says most of his work is due to inspiration from his childhood. He would watch 90s cartoons and read old comic books. His style has a rock n roll tone to it, and he does a lot of freelance work doing posters and other designs. Under his work he had this little explaination which I love.
In regards to those desperate ambitions an ancient seaman may carry, none was forgotten faster than fear and hesitancy. The sea has always been at the heart of man's discovery and held fast a sacred corner in his fear swollen mind. What uncovered, slithering beings lurk eternally in that deep abyss? It is best not to ponder these things when at the mercy of it's thrashing waves. For pondering too deeply may call up some impossible thing, some great god and....unto the sea a gleaming destroyer.
With this piece I think he was trying to give off a fantastical old god sort of feeling. Much of his work is just like it. Skinner continues to do work today in many different styles. 

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