Thursday, October 6, 2011

week 4 - doodle dubz

Graffiti has aways intrigued me, and in finding this artist it has only furthered my interest in it. It's a comical piece in a crude manner. Normally humans are seem cutting down Christmas trees, but in this piece the roles are reversed and the tree has come to life to cut down the boy. The tree has then gone on to further "decorate" the boy and top him off with a star. In the end he seems to be proud of his hard work and enjoying a beer. This graffiti work has very nice use of color transitioning (gradients), shading, and details. The bold outlines really make the objects stand out from one another, especially the white outline on the tree and boy. The wispy faint lines and dots make for an interesting background along with the gradient. The intrigant details in the boys shirt, the wooden stumps, the lettering, and the tones in the snow all show the skills that this artist possesses.

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