Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 6 | David Alfaro Siqueiros

Following up my last post... Siqueiros was highly influenced by Posada's political work. Siqueiros is known as part of a legendary trio called Los Tres Grandes or the Three Giants. They're a group of independent muralists that were internationally renowned for their social and political murals all over latin america as well as the US. (Jose Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera are the other two)

Siqueiros was known for using pyroxalin instead of typical paint. (car paint) His portrayal of the working class wasn't complete without using the very tools found in their environment. He also created an illusion of space in all his murals. (such as the mural to the left). The ceilings seemed to continue much higher than they did.

Siqueiros is also credited to have created the largest mural project and installment in history. Which is now part of the Mexican World Trade Center. This building is known as the Polyforum. (some links below)
- javi


  1. It looks like the application of a paint that's supposed to be shiny, smooth, and permanent really adds to this piece's graphical quality. The little thin lines and all the geometric shapes also make it very architectural.

  2. I am enjoying the perspective of this piece. It's like it's approaching the viewer. It's very bold like the lines and shapes of piece.