Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 5 - Brian Gossett

Brian Gossett

His work is simple, flat, and colorful, yet the most important thing about it is his positive messages. His work challenges us to rise above and actually do something about our dreams and aspirations in this world. Many of his other pieces convey similar positive messages such as "Make music, not war" and "Get pissed and give a shit about something." His other works promote a greener lifestyle, telling viewers to "drive less, walk more" and "drive less, skate more." His work takes on subjects as pollutions in the world's oceans, celebrating Earth Day everyday, and being happy with the body you have. 

Although his style is something that I usually wouldn't look at for an extended amount of time, his positive messages and action behind his work draws me to it. I feel like we need more people who embrace these types of messages and try to spread positive thinking to others. In a world where everything seems like its going wrong, having positive action will make a difference.


  1. The combination of different styles works really well in this piece. My favorite part is the surreality of the hand with the gun part.

  2. Although style is simpler, I can still see the different styles that the artist uses. Like the sweater, the hands, and the gun. It definitely makes it more interesting to look at. (late comment)