Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 7 Halloween special

for some reason the uploader isn't working so i have to attach a link.

Just a zombie Stormtropper.

This was done as concept art for a Star wars novel called death troopers, which takes places before a year before a new hope. for more info click this link

I couldnt find an artist but i thought this would be a fun image to upload in spirit of the season. i find it interesting how in the recent years the zombification of well known characters has become very popular. I'm not sure where it all started but you see things like this floating around the internet pretty often, be it zombie disney characters or zombie final fantasy characters. A few years ago Marvel even released a comic series with the basis of "what if our characters all became zombies?"

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  1. awesome work. I love science fiction crossovers. We've become a zombie culture, not even the Jedi are safe. It's always fun to have a zombie version of already interesting characters.