Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 4?

I have never really been a big anime/manga fan but the more and more I watch Sailor Moon the more and more I am inspired by the random faces they make. Sometime they are the main focus, such as the picture I have shown but a lot of the time the faces the characters in the background are the funniest of them all. Just the simple pupils and caricature qualities they have are really some of the best parts in the whole show. I can't really pin down one artist for this one because of course for it being a whole series there were many people working on the drawing and such but everyone that drew for that show inspire me. Though when she is just normal and such I am not so much drawn to that whole big, shiny eye thing, just the crazy faces that are along the way.


  1. Sailor Moon! I was a huge anime fan at one point. But now I have narrowed it down to a few series that I love, and Sailor Moon is one of them. The story and how relate-able the characters are what make SM awesome.

  2. Faces in anime and manga can be very expressive. If you've ever read or watched Full Metal Alchemist, they do a wonderful job at turning their regular style art into a simply drawn comical style when there's a funny scene. On the other hand, the anime Rurouni Kenshin draws serious fight scenes in higher detail and in a more realistic way, getting the opposite effect.

  3. I love over the top anime reactions. I remember watching Sailor Moon on Toonami years ago. This image from the show shows just how goofy Japanese animation can sometimes be.