Friday, October 7, 2011

Matt Furie- Week Four

Matt Furie is best known for his comic book Boys Club that tells the daily lives of four humanoid roommates. Furie's usage of colored pencil compliments his style and strengthens the childish nature of his work. Much of his work centers around colorful characters in everyday scenarios. When looking at his work I get a 90's feel from it and am reminded of my own childhood. Furie's work just screams old cartoons on saturday mornings, and eating Pizza Hut while playing video games with friends. This image above is one of my favorite as I like the design of the characters. I especially like how one of the characters is a young terminator. Furie has created a large collection of quirky characters riding their bikes. Matt Furie currently lives in San Francisco. He is a leo, likes long walks in the park, bubble baths, and an occasional glass of wine.

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  1. Holy shit, Matt Furie is one of my favorite illustrators of all time. Great choice.