Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 6 - Marker Renderings from Disney

Going back to my concept art, this is an image from Disney. It is for the new Little Mermaid attracting currently being build in the new fantasyland expansion of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. This is a simple rendering that blows my mind because of how simple it is, yet how complex it is too. Most of the time, concept art is really polished with realistic colors, and characters, but this is an early stage drawing, which I assume is done in a color pen or marker, then colored in with markers to give a feel and understanding of light. I like this piece so much because for years I have wanted to know how you draw like this. Something so simple looking, that still looks good and professional and like a lot of time went into it. I recently learned this technique, and to see that it is still used today in 2011, and that the computer hasn't completely replaced the marker and pen, I am very excited and motivated to know that I can not only recreate work like this, but that there are still jobs out there for designers and renders like me. And like all concept art, this is to become a real thing, that soon you can walk around and see and touch and experience, all which came from this simple drawing. Powerful stuff.

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  1. Could you tell me what kind of technique is used and where I could learn it? I'm interested in doing Concept art, especially for disney, and this type of picture just makes me more interested in it all :)