Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 5 Prodip: Tribe of Many Colors

Hong Kong artist Prodip is mostly known across Asia for his album cover design and music posters. I was most drawn to his series of paintings that he produced called Tribe of Many Colors that hang in the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science.

The alien themed paintings are playful. The color's low saturation and mostly flat figures lend to the other worldliness of the art. In the title painting above, the warm bands of color and few bright bands of blue make the painting pop against the grey background. Prodip's uses of color
are fun and inviting. The crispness of the lines and shapes of the painting make this painting and others like it bold and exciting.

Although Prodip is a graphic designer, I like that he doesn't limit his interests to just what the client wants. He doesn't put himself on a short leash with his art. Prodip also works in fashion graphic design and he is a musician. It's a great reminder to myself to open up my art to other fields. I think it allows more creativity and keeps the viewer more interested. I am definitely interested in see more of Prodip's work in the future.


  1. I really like looking at this piece. There's not too much going on but I like that! I'm also loving the stripe colors on the guy.

  2. The solid colors of the stripes contrast well with the gorgeous texture of the board. And that's a very well-chosen pallet.

  3. I like how everything is so flat, but at the same time the curve in the stripes hints at a form beneath them.