Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week Seven. Hellen Jo
Hellen Jo who is a self proclaimed "asshole from Burbank, CA." Much of the work she creates is done with ink and watercolor. She draws teenagers smoking, conjoined twins, zombies, and Lady Gaga. She has an interest in comics and illustration. She uses vivid colors and excellent detailed pen work to give off a teen punk vibe. Most of her work is personal but she has created a comic called "Jin and Jam," a simple video game called "C & H's Bogus Adventure," as well as a theme for iGoogle. I'm in love with her style and the awesome "go to hell!" vibe her work emits.


  1. Great use of watercolors here, she made the most of the textures and washes you can get from the medium. The image also implies a story and makes you want to learn more, very effective.

  2. Her watercolors are so controlled I'm amazed. I'm also intrigued how grotesque the mans face is, how his eyes and mouth are popping out. It almost reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.