Thursday, October 13, 2011

week 5 - adult disney

so....this was found on deviant art, and the artist has a whole series of disney characters in their underwear. there are a few reasons why i like these images. first, i find them to be really really good. they are for the most part drawn in the same style as the actual disney art. the artist features a male character for each of the popular films, and presents them in a way that is almost believable as an image. it is believable in the sense that it looks like it came out of the movie, that it looks almost photo real or realistic in the extra traits give in the detail of the antonym. also its nice to see something like this given an "adult" twist, it isn't tacky or over done like most adult cartoons or parodies are. and most important, its great to see the men get used instead of the women. of course this plays to a certain demographic, however, because its the men i think it makes it that much more impressive, as the women of disney, and women in general are just over used for erotic and nude imagery. more of this artist work can be found here:
this is kronk from the emperors new groove. note how his costume plays into his character from the film.


  1. I've seen this guys stuff before, its great hahaha. Though some of the pictures ruined the way I see these pieces of my childhood forever.

  2. I thought he looked familiar. It's Kronks little devil conscious. I'll never see him the same now.