Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 5

I know its a small picture but I don't remember where I found this so its the best picture I have. Ever since I moved into my new place I have wanted to draw something all over the walls and this is a source of inspiration for just that. The faces that are colored in are just my style and everything just looks so sick. I mean who wouldn't want a bunch of severed heads and animals all over their walls? The hard black lines on the stark white wall too just gives it more of a coloring book feeling, it would be great if something like this was on white board (of course the black lines were permanent though) and you could color them in however you wanted too for that week.


  1. oh wow! I really like what he's doing with his wall lol. It looks like there's so much going on with the different characters and all the little doodles. But i think it's pretty cool! Seems like it would take forever to finish!

  2. I like the complex, spontaneous flow of the drawings, and how they make a unified texture. The writing itself is also very unified with the drawings.