Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Karl Kerschl

Karl Kershl is the writer and illustrator of a webcomic entitled "The Abominable Charles Christopher." It follows the adventures of a naive yeti among a cast of endearing animals. As a writer, Karl is excellent. The stories read a lot like a children's book or movie, but the themes are much deeper and geared toward an older audience.

The entire comic is done in a sketchy style with black outlines and cool grays. While I always love to see cool grays, as I prefer them to warmer ones which tend to feel too... sepia to me, I always wonder how the series would look in color. The characters and settings have so much to offer and I feel like the addition of color could either make it more whimsical if they were on the bolder side or more nostalgic if a water-color type style was to be used.

Regardless, Kerschl has an excellent style. The roughed out appearance works well for a storybook feel and all of his animals are absolutely adorable.

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  1. kerschl is one of my favorites in the industry right now. He did a run of "the flash" a while back that I fucking loved, I kinda wished they kept him on the title full time. Charles Christopher has to be one of the most beautifully written and illustrated webcomics out there.