Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Day Ever: Round dos...

I havent had much time to sit down and draw as I wish I had and I knew I had to post something so I cleaned up the lines on the bottom half a bit and added some detail (still missing the cleaned up lines for the seats and things).
I did a quick color comp of the "dream sequence" using the sketch lines just to get a feel of what kind of colors ill be using. The bottom half will be shaded using grey tones and I still need to resize the whole thing since its in an unconventional size format, ill probably make the dinosaur smaller in order to fit a more conventional format and to make my life easier when it comes to printing.

I should probably add that that right arm is gonna be the end of me...

EDIT: More of the color comp, lines still the same...


  1. I don't really like the rainbows... it looks like they are attacking your ride. Other than that it's really cool looking

  2. Maybe if the T-Rex shot a rainbow out of its mouth a-la Godzilla?

    Anyway, be careful with the human figure - your dinosaur and the rainbows are so saturated, they take up all of the viewer's attention, making the dino-rider much harder to spot.

  3. I do like your piece, but as the two people said before the rainbows coming out of your dinosaur's eyes look very painful for him.

  4. I know I'm kind of beating a dead horse here, but maybe the reason those rainbows look painful is because of the little extra splotches of color you have coming out of the eyes... I immediately thought the poor dinosaur's eyes were bleeding because of that.

  5. might also have to do with the general pose of the dinosaur too... Im using it more as a placeholder for now though since that top half is still a sketch, I like Vadims idea of it shooting rainbows out of its mouth.

  6. I actually love the rainbows. I think they look great and I think it's fine that it looks kind of upsetting and painful. You're racking up a lot of comments with this one. I like where you're going.