Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad Day

I actually didn't realize someone else had the same bad day as me, haha. We must have been caught in the same storm :) Anyways, I have about a 2 hour commute to Columbia. On this particular day, I missed trains and buses, had a broken umbrella in the pouring rain -and to top it off- my portfolio busted open while I was standing at the corner of a street, exposing all of my hard work to the elements. It was one of those days where NOTHING was going right. I was over an hour late to class that day..


  1. The white highlights in the hair look nice. I also like how the briefcase is shaded with lines while the pants and hair are a more solid color; it gives the sketch nice variety.

  2. Very nice. I think her face can use a little more expression. A more shocked look on her face.

  3. Maybe her hair should be plastered to her face because it is so wet and heavy from the rain....