Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best Day EVer! THe DaY KinGdom Hearts entEred my WoRld.

In my "Best Day Every" illustration I decided to fuse two worlds. The world of Kingdom Hearts ( a video game that involves companies Squae Enix and Disney) and my world. I haven't figured out everything I wanted to do but I do want some of the characters to be in very animated poses in some kind of world.

I fell in love with Kingdom hearts Freshman year of high school (its story, characters, etc.) and I have always been fasicantied with the characters stories. I felt as though I was apart of their world when I would play the game. Its story is pretty deep and captures me. I would explain it but it would take to long.

I hope for the other skecthes to capture the characters designs (Tetsuya Nomura) style along with my own and make this illustration animated even though they are still 2D pencil drawings.

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