Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worst Day Ever

As soon as I heard about my assignment I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I commute to Columbia, and something that would really make my day pretty damn miserable is being caught in one of those windy thunderstorms on a day that I absolutely have to be here. You know, the umbrella-flipping, tearing-portfolio-out-of-your-hands kind of storm. This is a very rough, very preliminary sketch, and I need to redo a lot of things about it, but the jist is there. I'm thinking of trying a nouveau-ish style just so that I can physically portray the wind.


  1. I was caught in one of those yesterday, I like the idea a lot

  2. Pretty cool idea.

    Quick suggestion (hope you don't mind):
    You can reinforce the message by having the umbrella

    a)already out of your hand flying off
    b)being torn up to shreds by the wind