Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Robts! Robots Everywhere!

The most I really changed was I added inking and tightened up the details. Not sure yet if I will color this digitaly or not. I would appreciate any commentary though.


  1. I love the details in this, nice work. Since you're considering how to color it, I think minimal color added digitally or with watercolors would look pretty good, just a suggestion.

  2. "You really want a robot for a friend?"
    "Yeah. Ever since I was six." (C) Futurama.

    Great drawings, but just like with the original sketch, the numbers on the robots' foreheads are a bit confusing - if you are tracking a day in life of one robot, then why does panel 2 have number "1" as opposed to "3". If you're just showing a society filled with android helpers - higher numbers, perhaps?

  3. The detail is really cool, especially with the robots. I do feel that the bed in panel 4 is a little hight. You might want to bring it down a little.