Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best Flippen Day Ever

This was really easy for me, I have been thinking about this project since the first day, when I skipped ahead to the final project in the syllabus. So here, my best day ever, starts and ends with my lovely boyfriend Josh! He is basically my other half and my perfect match, and we have a ridiculous amount of stuff in common. But we also have many things not in common. So here, I illustrated us waking up together, having great days, and still being together even though not all our perfect scenarios match. Him having "the best day ever" would make my best day! We have me, playing with puppies, eating ice cream, playing with knitting stuff; and him playing video games, eating pancakes, and pretending to be a wizard from Harry Potter.

I think I am going to do hard line-work, then live-trace it in illustrator and digitally color it with green and while and pale, flat sections in photoshop. I don't do a lot of digital work but I would like to explore it, and as there will be a lot of little stuff going on I don't want to overwhelm it with too much shading.

Critiques, ideas, any input welcome! I can take some "harsh" input as long as it's well intended :)



  1. as always Im digging your style, and how grossly cute this is. Also, MAGIC!

  2. I think you have a great concept! The idea of a perfect day "timeline" will be very visually interesting. I agree that the details shouldn't be overwhelming, the couple at the bottom should remain the focus.

  3. Buh, I wish I could draw half that well..
    Is it just me or is the only visible eye of the central male figure looking at the audience? I'd say he should be looking at what's in front of him :)