Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Best Day, Tree Sitting, Tree Smoking, Book Reading

It's pretty tough for me to find time to just relax. Often I feel like I have to work in order to feel relaxed. Which doesn't really equate to relaxing exactly. I haven't had a free day in awhile where I could just sit, chill, and not worry about anything. I'm looking forward to at least having one of those days in the future. I would consider that to be the best day ever easily. Whenever it decides to get warm again outside, and if I could find a nice, quiet and secluded area. I would love to sit beneath a large tree, smoke some pot, which I haven't done in awhile, and just read and eat all day.


  1. Tim, I love your inking style so much, and the way you use line. This looks like a great, wall balanced illustration, I love the big open space on the far left side. Would you do this in color, or shades of grey like this?

  2. These lines are AWESOME! In my humble opinion this is a finished piece already.