Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Re-Do: Best Friday the 13th Ever

So I decided to start this whole assignment over. Why? Well, ultimately, I didn't exactly like the previous idea I had, felt it was way too melodramatic, and I can't help but feel I might have misunderstood what the criteria for the subject material was, but anyway...

So this is a sketched idea of what I envision my best day ever... Namely Friday, May thirteenth, twenty-eleven. The last day of this semester. I'd think this sentiment could be rather well reciprocated. So far I'll I have is just this humorous image of me lying down on my artist's table, blissfully asleep, and so far that's about it. Pretty simple really. It might be a bit boring, but I'd rather go for some sort of simple message rather than tackle something huge and outlandish. Though I'd open to suggestions on what I could do to exaggerate this subject.

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