Thursday, September 29, 2011

week three

this week i decided to upload an artist's rendition of the mythical monster the wendigo. This piece was ont by devantart user Monkey~Paw and was featured in the Darkson Designs Occult expansion book. it is a digital piece done in paintshop pro using nothing but mouse. I chose this image because i like the texture the artist gave to coarse fur and decaying flesh as well as the detail of the organs in the chest cavity. I really enjoy highly detailed digital art and hpe to one day be able to to do it myself because at this point i'm very clunky when it comes to digital drawing, making things look cartoony and simplified instead of textured and gritty.


  1. Very neat choice. I like the choice of a murky dull background, it keeps the main focus on the subject. It looks as if it's a zombie / warewolf deer.

  2. Perfect for a bedtime story to a child.

  3. I came across this this week too. I can't believe it's done with a mouse! That's crazy and really cool.