Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 2

This illustration is part of a concept art series for the video game Half Life 2. I chose it because it is a series in which the artistic process from the original game has evolved heavily, while also becoming very rich in its story and design elements. In particular there have been consistent characters in the game (bad guys, good guys, etc.) that have undergone considerable development. This illustration seems to be a lot more digital than other examples of Half Life concept art. The character here is the games protagonist, Gordon Freeman, wielding his infamous crowbar down upon some inter-dimensional alien's dome. The main concept artist for the series was Ted Backman, but I'm not totally sure that he did this illustration. Either way, the combination of the story and art creates a brilliant game that feels more like a movie at times. The stark background really pulls your eye into the center of the piece and the intensity of braining something with a crowbar. 

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