Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 2 Danny Allison

Danny Allison
is an illustrator based in the UK. I chose him because of the mixed media he uses. I see ink lines and paint and photography. I like being able to see the process of art making.

Allison's work is rough, but very purposeful. For instance the Galileo picture. The black charcoal markings are scribbled and unfinished. The planets in the background are photos, but highlighted with rings of paint. And the stars are airbrushed. All the different media are used to show the brilliance and discovery of Galileo's work. Another great example is this Mike Tyson illustration too. All the ink and paint and airbrushed qualities, show Mike Tyson as this crazy and wacky character.

Although Allison has a rougher aesthetic, he pulls it all together very well. The colors resonate off page. All the media he uses may not be clear right away, but the purpose of the artwork is easy to recognize.


  1. I'm a huge fan of mixed media so i think these two pieces are nice. I agree with you, Allison's seems like he has a rougher aesthetic but it works for him.

  2. The style is fantastic. Love the mixed media too.