Thursday, September 29, 2011

week 3 - tangled?

so.. someone told me this is from tangled.. and i guess maybe it is. i however thought this image was a bit more general then that of the movie, i have seen many images of floating lights in the sky over a kingdom. but i can also see that with the 2 people in the boat, that it is very much a scene from the movie. i love this image anyway because it comes off as concept art. and like everything else i have been posting, concept art is my favorite. the ability to put your ideas down and then make them into reality from that drawn image is amazing. and while this may have been the concept for a movie, and the scene in the film is the final creation brought to reality, i think you can look at this and see many other realities that can come to life. a setting for a broadway play, or a place at a theme park, maybe this is a real place, or somewhere you have once been in a dream. i think the color is great and i even love that far away its a great image, and up close you can see some of the fuzziness that makes up the lines and shapes, which normally i hate, but find relaxing in this image.


  1. I like the specific view taken on here. You're far enough away from the mountain to see everything, but still looking somewhat upwards. It's basically a view from farther away on the water, and the boat in the foreground suggests the the sort of watercraft the observer might be in.

  2. I love the blue, purple, and dark pink tones used in this image. It creates a very fantasy and magical feeling for the image. The cool colors make it look like its night or very early morning, and in contrast, it makes the floating lights stand out. The lights reflecting on the water in the foreground guide your eye to the boat. The ship on the side and bridge brings your eye in to focus on the castle. Overall its a very emotional piece that evokes the feeling of magic.