Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 3: German Woodcuts

For this weeks blog I decided to do it on German woodcuts from Medieval times. I don't know the artist but really it doesn't matter, any woodcut I am drawn to really. When it comes to illustration or just art of any kind I really like thick black outlines and you can see that type of line work in these old pieces. The varying line weight is another aspect of it that I enjoy too. Though the process and final product is more of a print making technique it all started with a illustration so I see it fitting for class. Here is some more information just on woodcuts themselves:


  1. I love woodcuts. I do woodcutting myself so I can really appreciate the time and effort it takes to carve these things! I think that woodcuts are somewhat harder to illustrate since everything you draw or write has to be backwards in order to print correctly. I really enjoy the black contrast on the right mans cloak to the rest of the piece.

  2. I also love the thick lines on the white, I think the contrast really brings out the subjects on the canvas. I've been looking into woodcutting myself, but I can't find anything useful online to get started. Any pointers? (ie. wood, tools, ink.. pretty much everything I guess. haha)

    One of my favorite artists has done many well known, revolutionary woodcuttings. His name is José Posada, you should check him out, he did some very amazing work a few decades ago.