Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pokemon doodles by Olly Moss

On his blog, Olly Moss describes these drawings of the Gen. I starters as "Some Pokemon doodles I made for no reason". Though there was no apparent reason for this illustration, it still shows plenty of considerations in design and some unique choices in representation. Even though these are cartoon characters, Moss flattens and abstracts them further, removing any organic lumpiness in favor of crisp, geometric silhouettes. Moss livens these figures with some quick, suggestive shading, and creates highlights on Squirtle and Charmander by leaving parts of their figures completely unrendered, to let the viewer' eyes fill in the shapes where the background shows

In rendering the trademark features of each character, Moss strips away anything but the bare minimum of information needed to recognize each character. Squirtle's shell is a fraction of a circle with two black lines, and his tail is a tear drop with a squiggle, which isn't even attached to the rest of him. To render the transition from the rest of his body to his tail would mean including far too much visual information, and create clutter at a part unimportant to recognizing Squirtle. It's also nice how each character's element is subtly shown with the most basic of shapes possible, what with Bulbasaur's feet contrasting against triangular blades of grass, Charmander's flame tail rendered as 3 lemon shapes, and Squirtle's watergun shown as a few raindrop shapes.


  1. This is so cute. I love how each of them are rendered, and I really love the textures you see when you take a closer look.