Friday, September 16, 2011

Week one - Adrian Knopik

While searching for images to place in my sketch book I came across this young artist from Poland. Most of this artists illustrations include women and usually are are set in greyscale with just one of the elements of the picture being in color. I believe doing this really makes just that sole color more exaggerated than what it would normally be. The name of this piece is entitled Stereo Transmitted Disease. The message is unclear, even after reading the name, and I believe is pretty open for different interpretations. I believe this illustration is well done, and that in putting it in full color would not have been as effective. I think that the artist was able to capture the human figure very effectively with only using simple lines. I was really happy to come across this artist and will probably post more of their work in the weeks to come.


  1. ohh this is super cool, its one of those pieces that look so easy to do, but it probably really complex. it also gets me thinking, "man...why didn't i think of that?" i love the amount of emotion that comes across, with little to no action.

  2. i really enjoy looking at this piece. The splash of red really makes it come to life. I love how the red scarf turns into blood, then into a flock of birds. It looks simple but probably took a lot of time to finish!