Friday, September 16, 2011

Post for last week, a selected page from the adventures of Dr. Mcninja

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a web comic by Christopher Hastings (writer and artist) and Anthony Clark (artist). The comic is possibly the funniest full color comic book style comic available on the interwebs and features some pretty good art. You can read over fifteen story arcs featuring the protagonist Dr. McNinja at each of which ranges from 20 to 100 pages long!! That's a lot of free comic. I suggest you start at issue 1 page one, a few of the jokes are dated but you can really see the team progressing as a team if you flip through various story arcs. The reason why I chose this particular page and part of what makes The Adventures of Dr. McNinja so great is the perfect comedic timing, which is something incredibly difficult to capture in sequential art. I can't tell you how they do it but these guys make me laugh every (metaphorical) turn of the page. Please do check it out.

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